Social Media Strategy…and Execution

leverage social media strategySocial Media isn’t working for many companies…they aren’t getting the benefits promised. Many companies are using the “Tools” but not getting the results they want from all their efforts. While this may be more of the norm than the exception (Gallup stated 65% found it to be ineffective in 2014) it doesn’t have to be that way.

Social Media is an incredibly powerful form of communication…when there is a specific Strategy and Execution Plan to create interaction and engagement. Think of Social Media simply as a train going down the tracks. The cars on the train are the social media tools like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. They need to be filled with something of substance to be valuable…such as information and a variety of content. The intent is to deliver this “cargo” to the desired audience. If the cars arrive and the cargo isn’t something they want or need or find helpful, they essentially ignore the cargo…meaning they ignore YOU. So regardless of how great the cars on the train are (the tools), if the content being delivered isn’t of value, we don’t care about the cars.

This is what separates Social Media Strategies that don’t work from those that work extremely well…the content…the interaction…the engagement…and the sharing. And research shows that the majority of content that is shared on social channels is “experiential” rather than about products or services. So when you are delivering “Awesome Customer Experiences” you are giving your audience some great content to share on their social channels. Providing them with great content, great experiences, and the right channels leads to success.

This takes a solid STRATEGY focused on accomplishing these objectives and one that can be LEVERAGED. We’ve been helping companies and individuals do this for almost 10 years…and would enjoy sharing some ideas with you. If this is more of the type of Social Media that makes sense to you, we would be happy to talk with you further.

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