When my grandfather needed to buy a new horse, he went down to the end of his fence on the farm and started talking to Bob next door.  He said, “Bob, who do you ‘trust’ to sell you a great horse for a fair price?”  Bob told him Sam was the guy to see and could be trusted to give you a great horse and stand by his word.  So my grandfather went to Sam and bought his horse…because Bob was an “Advocate” for Sam and “proactively” told people about him via word-of-mouth.  That world hasn’t changed…even with social media…and it is thriving even more today.

We believe most of the traditional ways companies communicate their brand, tell us who they are, tell us what they stand for, what they are passionate about, and how they can help us is pretty much broken in the world we live in today. Traditional marketing just doesn’t work the way it did even 5 years ago…and the trend is continuing down as to its effectiveness. It’s time to think differently…we are in a different world today.

We try to keep everything simple…because in reality it really is. The more complex, the more confused your customer is going to be as well.

We believe everything starts and ends with the customer experience. There are plenty of statistics that say the same thing…if your customer isn’t getting a “Memorable, WOW, Awesome” experience, they aren’t going to talk much about you and spread the word. They just don’t. And unless you have spent millions of dollars to create the most amazing video to go viral, advertising gets talked about either. So why waste time and money on this approach. We believe there is a better alternative…

That alternative is to create Customer Centric organization that delivers “Totally Awesome” customer experiences with every interaction the customer has with you. Then, have a solid Social Business Strategy to allow them to “Share” it with others and create “Word-of-Mouth on Steroids” in your communities and areas of interest. That’s it…nothing more complicated. We go back to what my grandfather believed…if you want to get the best product/service, listen to what others are saying about you.

Spending time and resources on creating ADVOCATES that spread incredible Word-of-Mouth is the goal. While they can still talk about you one-on-one (and this is great) we want to enable them to also talk about you in a one-to-many way as well (empowering a Customer Centric Social Strategy). Adding this dimension is what will get you the most return from your “marketing” and “sales” dollars…not another direct marketing campaign that goes from mail box to recycle without getting through the door.

We can help you do this and is what we are incredibly passionate about. WOM10 is all about helping businesses create more ADVOCATES and significantly more WORD-OF-MOUTH using a Customer Centric Social Media Strategy.  We simply help you “make it happen” using aan approach that is tailored to your organization, your audience, and of course your customers.

Thank you for listening and let me know if we can help or provide you with more information…