Listed below are a just of few of the many Podcasts we are putting together on a variety of topics in the areas of Social Media, Strategy, Customers, Advocates, and of course, Word-of-Mouth.

Just click on the title you would like to hear and it will take you to a page with a brief description (so you know what you are getting before playing the podcast) and then there will be a player where you can play the podcast, have it play in a “popup window”, download it to play later on your computer or MP3 player, or even embed it in your own blog – lots of options! I hope you enjoy these and at the end of each one is a place where you can leave a comment if you would like.  Thanks for listening…

“Pimping” vs. “Helping” – creating an army of Advocates

“Freshness” wins over “Perfection

You have to “Get Small” if you want to “Get Big”

What does WOM10 mean and Why is Twitter such a great tool today?

How exactly does something go “VIRAL” using Social Media?

A discussion about BLOGGING