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Information is FREE…it’s available everywhere…there is a massive amount of it on every topic in the world available at your fingertips. So why do you need me…or why do I need you? Much of the business world today still doesn’t really believe the above statements…even though they say they do…they don’t. If they truly believed it, why would they continue to produce more of it? Eric Schmidt of Google did a study several years ago where he showed the amount of information we now produced in 48 hours is equal to all the [more]
What CHANGED…Why is there so much “Buzz” over Customers Today?
You almost can’t read anything today that isn’t talking about something relating to CUSTOMERS these days…it is popping up everywhere. There is no question about the truly heightened awareness and buzz over this topic and the impact improving your customer experience or service can have on your bottom line. Why so much attention and buzz over customers today? I have some answers that might help explain this a bit more for you… There is much more buzz and discussion going on about the following topics… Customer Experiences Customer Loyalty Customer Retention (a biggy today) Customer Advocacy Customer [more]
What “Language” Do You Use When Speaking to your CUSTOMERS?
Language is critically important when ANY EMPLOYEE interacts with your customer…if the customer doesn’t understand it, they leave. And they don’t tell anyone else about you…at least nothing positive. The LANGUAGE I am talking about is your “customer language”…what they hear you saying and what they interpret your words to mean to them. When I talk to customers and get feedback on a business, one of the most frequent comments I get back is, “I don’t really understand what they are saying so sometimes it’s hard to make a decision to buy.” What [more]