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The “Plunge” of Newspaper Advertising…it’s a CUSTOMER Issue
I’ve talked about this issue in probably 700 of the 1000+ speeches I have given over the past 8 years…traditional media, predominantly newspapers, are in a free fall and it will only get worse. To prove this point, a recent article in WSJ (Wall Street Journal) shared some research by GroupM where they stated that “global spending on newspaper print is expected to decline 8.7% in 2016…the biggest drop since the recession of 2009 when it dropped 13.7%.” These are big numbers when converted to dollars. And while this is significant, it isn’t my point…their CUSTOMERS are the real issue. [more]
5 Steps to Leap ahead of your Competitors…Focus on RETENTION with ACTION
There probably isn’t a business owner or top executive on the planet who hasn’t heard (and believes) it is always easier to “keep a customer” that to “acquire a new one.” Since this is such common knowledge, why is it most companies (almost 80% according to Forbes research) don’t focus on RETENTION? I find it to be one of the biggest areas that gets the traditional “lip service” when it comes right down to it…lots of people “saying” they care about their customers and want to do everything they can to retain them but very few “doing” [more]
Don’t SAY what you Can’t “Consistently” DELIVER…
It’s so easy to say something through an advertisement, or a campaign, or an e-mail, or social media, or any other form of communication today…easier than any time in our history. The problem is “backing up” and acting in a way that demonstrates what you are saying in this communication. You see, the problem is that when you say something, the other idiots like me out here actually think you are “promising” to deliver it…how naïve we are. Here’s a simple exercise you can quickly do to give you more insight into whether or not [more]