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Is CUSTOMER RETENTION the New Promised Land?
Customer RETENTION or Customer LOYALTY have once again become hot topics for most companies. Why? We have evolved from the days when television had only 3 channels to watch to a world where we can get anything and everything with the touch of a few buttons. We have choices...lots of them...and we want to explore them. And unless you stand out...offer something that causes your audience to "stick" they will be gone and may never come back to find you in the sea of competition. So the critical question today becomes, “How to get customers to "stick" or [more]
Want Your Customers to Talk and Engage with You…think Psychographics
Demographics are so yesterday…they served us well in the Industrial Revolution era. But in the Internet Revolution where everyone on the planet has a microphone in their hand and can freely publish virtually anything they want and engage with anyone they want, it’s time to move into the world of Psychographics. I often find during this conversation that many don’t really know the difference between the two and assume they are doing both when they are “targeting” their desired audiences. They aren’t…in fact, they are very different because it causes you to think entirely different. [more]
Change the Direction of YOUR ARROW and Stand Alone in your Market
It’s time to change the way the arrow is pointing...away from YOU TO THEM…to THEM TO YOU. Definition…YOU is you and your company…THEM is the customer and your prospective audiences. When I think back on how my grandpa bought his cows for his farm, the arrow always pointed from THEM TO HIM…customers telling other potential customers who they should buy from that sold good quality cows and who was “trusted.” There isn’t a point in history where this approach hasn’t worked incredibly well and it works even more effectively today than ever [more]