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CUSTOMER AGENTS…Key to Reaching Higher Levels and being LONELY
Most of the time we focus on the crowds…what is everyone doing…are we part of the trend…do we fit into this group or that group of businesses…are we recognized in a certain segment in the industry. These are the wrong measures of success in the new economy we live in…LONELINESS is the new measure of success. In today’s fast moving world, it doesn’t take very long for someone new to enter into your market…light years faster than it did only 10 or 20 years ago. The internet has given us many things…one of [more]
Your competitors, by definition, sell the same (or similar) products and services to you…that’s why they are competitors. When you advertise and market these products and services, you are essentially marketing these for everyone…including your competition. What happens when you spend the time and money to promote these products and services and one of your competitors cuts their prices (or other components such as delivery or terms) below yours? If they customer leaves and goes to your competitor because of the pricing, you essentially marketed for your competitors. Only they got “no-cost marketing” because you did it [more]
Your Customers Don’t Care about Your Search Rankings…WHY You Shouldn’t Either
When someone talks about being ranked #1 on Google (or Bing, Yahoo, or other choices) search pages, or improving their SEO (search engine optimization) people get excited…they want to be number one. Who wouldn’t, right? Here’s why you might not necessarily care about being number one on Google. Google has gotten very good over the past several years…they are very sophisticated in their search algorithms and how they rank various listings on their pages. Today, I don’t believe you can be effective trying to “trick” Google like many have done in past years (even though there [more]