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We’re reaching a “Tipping Point” as Leaders…5 Ways to Prepare and Thrive
Today we have hundreds and thousands of choices available to us, the customer, to purchase virtually any product or service…but is it adding more value? I believe we are reaching a “tipping point” of too many choices not adding to an increase in value for the customer. More choices of the same or similar products/services aren’t increasing the value of these products or services. The number one factor of why we are nearing the tipping point is TIME. There is a delicate balance between having more choices/options and having less time. For example, if having twice [more]
We have all seen it…Commoditization…it’s an integral part of our daily lives today…both good and bad. No industry or business is immune any longer…regardless of whether you provide a product, service, or even run a non-profit organization.  Somewhere, sometime, someone has come in and offered something better at a better price and taken away some customers and/or profitability…it’s our world. The core concept behind a “commodity” is when something is viewed as equal value to the buyer so they choose to purchase based on some other factor, usually price or availability. Commodity [more]
Can Panera deliver the knockout blow…or will they miss it?
Panera has done some amazing things over the past couple of years...but are they enough to deliver a knockout blow to their competition? Only Panera knows for sure but I am hopeful they are going to deliver a big knockout punch instead of miss a huge opportunity. Based on an article in the Wall Street Journal, “What Panera Had to Change to Make Its Menu ‘Clean’” the CEO, Ron Shaich, describes how they have completely changed most of their food ingredients to be much healthier and without chemicals...kudos to him and Panera. This is a great start and [more]