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Differentiation…the Holy Grail…Misunderstood definition means you are different from others in your industry, or any other group. Easy definition to grasp. However, DIFFERENTIATION IS GIVEN LIP SERVICE TODAY BY MOST COMPANIES. Ask a company or organization if they are different and of course the answer will be a resounding YES. Ask their customers and more often than not, the vote changes to a resounding NO. Yet if you want to survive in today's highly competitive markets and over the next few years, differentiation is the holy grail companies must achieve. Unfortunately, companies still feel that their products and services differentiate them [more]
It’s not ALWAYS Greener on the other Side…4 Reasons Why
Almost every business has at least one thing in common...they want more customers. And usually this means finding them wherever they can...even if they aren't the ideal customers. A person who has money in their pocket and is willing to spend it is a customer we want...NOT. Think of it this way...if you are really good at serving Red customers and have engineered a way to give them an awesome experience, Blue customers won't appreciate it. In fact, more times than not, they will actually think you are treating them poorly...both with your service and [more]
The “Buffet Line” will Make or Break You Today
With the advent of the Digital (or Internet or whatever you want to call it) Revolution we are now fully immersed in, people have become ravenous consumers of content (information, how-to’s, self-help, ways to improve my business, and a ton of other things). We. Can’t. Get. Enough! But we have also become very discretionary about this content…if it’s crap, it’s crap and we throw it away in seconds. We don’t invest any time in it and we have so much to choose from we move on. Think of it like the buffet line you [more]