A Strategy for Success

We have ONE SIMPLE MISSION at WOM10…”To INSPIRE and HELP LEADERS take their company from being GREAT to becoming REMARKABLE…by OBSESSING over their CUSTOMERS. 

When Leadership commits to creating a WOW and MEMORABLE Customer Experience and making everything in their company about helping the customer be better at what they do, their company GETS TALKED ABOUT…A LOT!!” In today’s highly connected and Social Media driven world, this translates to massive Word-of-Mouth…putting it on STEROIDS!

It’s what motivates everything we do…it’s our “WHY” we are in business and our PASSION. It’s what we look forward to doing every single day…helping you become one of these highly talked about REMARKABLE companies. If this rings a bell for you and gets you pumped up…we should talk…because it’s what gets us pumped up as well.

Ask yourself, “What’s the one thing people talk about when they talk about our business or organization?” Is it your PRODUCTS (commoditized today…someone can freely acquire them from variety of companies around the world) or is it your SERVICES (commoditized today…someone can find the same service faster, at a lower cost, more convenient) or is it your EXPERIENCE (something everyone loves to talk about and share today)?

People don’t talk about commodities…unless they want to finds something faster and at a lower cost…none of which helps you in terms of PROFITABILITY or DIFFERENTIATION. We live in a NEW ECONOMY…it is being called the CUSTOMER ECONOMY. Why? Because the customer is firmly in control today of their choices and purchasing decisions…not the company. The company was in control during the Industrial Revolution (which died around the turn of the Century)…the CUSTOMER is firmly in control in the Internet Revolution (which is where we live today).

We have found that if you aren’t OBSESSING OVER YOUR CUSTOMERS in today’s new economy, you will become irrelevant. And you don’t have to believe us…according to Forrester, Gartner, McKinsey, Adobe, and a host of others, their research is telling us this is the path out of the commoditized world and your way to avoid extinction.

THE GOOD NEWS…the ONE THING that you can own and can control is the EXPERIENCE YOU DELIVER TO YOUR CUSTOMERS.

This isn’t a commodity…it is your DIFFERENTIATOR. It is what people talk about. It is what people seek out from companies. It is what they will pay more for AND it is what creates TRUST. Trust is the secret sauce for any business…if you have it you will lead…if you don’t you will become irrelevant at some point…usually sooner than you would like. In addition to being in the NEW ECONOMY and the CUSTOMER ECONOMY…we are in the TRUST ECONOMY.

Why is TRUST so vital today? If you have it…YOU GET TALKED ABOUT! Without it…you don’t.

On any social channel today, let alone the face-to-face channel, people talk about what they TRUST. They don’t share something that could potentially harm their friends, colleagues, connections, and followers…they share what will help them and that they know is of value…something they trust. Think about yourself…would you share something with your closest friends you didn’t trust…product or service or experience? Unlikely. We share what we TRUST.

Creating a CUSTOMER OBSESSED STRATEGY that builds TRUST through the CUSTOMER EXPERIENCES you provide is what ultimately drives WORD-OF-MOUTH. Using SOCIAL CHANNELS simply allows you to put it ON STEROIDS.

This is what we believe and what we help leaders create and achieve in their organizations. You can see how we approach this by visiting each of the components of the PUZZLE. It is a Puzzle for a reason…while each piece is individual, when they all work together they make a great piece of art…your company. If this has struck a chord with you in any way…let’s talk.

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