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Why Companies don’t talk about their Customer Experiences…think DIETING
One way to get unanimous agreement is by asking, “Who likes to DIET?” Everyone hates DIETING. They hate all aspects of the word and what it stands for…pain and suffering. The only reason people go on one is for the “DREAM OF SUCCESS.” It is in fact a “dream” because the failure rate is off the charts…more people fail on a diet than succeed. And the stats show the average person will go on at least 11 in their lifetime! No wonder diet companies make so much money…repeat customers…and that’s not a good thing. This isn’ [read more]
I’m sure the most people reading this blog post are sales people, sales managers, or customers who hate sales people. But it isn’t just a catchy title…it’s what’s happening today. And just in case you are wondering if I have any credibility in this area, I have spent over 20 years in the world of sales. Here’s the issue…credibility. In a world that has been accelerated well beyond what it was just a decade ago because of social media, everyone wants to speed up whatever they are doing…including sales. The process is streamlined, [read more]
Even can’t beat Google…but WOM can
If you are into sports at all, you probably heard the breaking news that LeBron James is returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers. If you don’t, now you know. But that isn’t the real story…it’s about SEO, WOM, and Google. As the story goes, scooped everyone else and got an exclusive essay from LeBron titled, “I’m Coming Home.” It’s a great piece from a great athlete. But that’s not the story here…I don’t do sports blogging. I talk about how you get found and how you become successful using social [read more]
Are your employees empowered to deliver WOW!
Do you have policies and rules in place that either empower or restrain your employees from delivering a WOW customer experience? I’m sure you do…most organizations have these rules…some might be softer and call them “guidelines” but they are viewed as rules. Regardless, the question is how do they impact your customers? Customer Centric companies do whatever they can to “empower” or “enable” their employees to deliver a WOW customer experience…on the spot! Some, like Zappos, go so far as to give their employees complete control over the customer experience and are empowered to fix any [read more]
What if your customers came to expect the UNEXPECTED? What if every time your customer interacted with you they said, “WOW, I didn’t expect that but this is awesome!” How would that change the way your customers feel about you? Companies do this all the time…the ones that are Customer Centric. They are the ones we can’t wait to interact with because we know it is going to be an awesome experience. They are the ones we have no anxiety about how we are going to be treated when we engage with them. And they are the [read more]
How Social Media Comes to the Rescue of Your Customers
I hear this all the time…it is a blessing and a curse…a joy and a frustration. There is now soooo much information available, is it paralyzing us? For example, in 2013, it is said there are 4 Zettabytes (one trillion gigabytes) of information in the internet…growing to 8 Zettabytes by 2015!! How can we handle more information and how can our customers find us and the information we have to share? Social Media that drives Word-of-Mouth… Customers are literally begging companies to help them wade through this sea of Zettabytes and find just the right information…fast. No one likes to [read more]
“OMG…if we aren’t at the top of the search results no one will ever find us.” Ever heard (or said) this phrase? I bet you have heard it and said it more than once. But do you really need to be at the top of the search page of results? There’s another (better) option available… When one of your elated and evangelistic customers tells a friend how awesome it was to work with you and that they should go check you out, what do they say? Here are two choices… “Go to Google and type in “construction [read more]
(Another) Presentation on Social Media…they MISSED IT
This is crazy. I just spent an hour listening to yet another presentation from a so-called expert on social media and how you can make it work inside your company. They missed most do. Sure, there was a lot of great content about the “tools” of social media and how you can use them to execute a “strategy” that you have just built. Sounds good, right? Most would say yes to this description about what you should do. But if you are a regular reader of my blog…I hope you would have said NO, they missed it. [read more]
Do You REALLY Need a Case Study to Change Your Customer Experience?
Having been in the “Customer Experience” and "Social Media/Word-of-Mouth" consulting business for more than 10 years you get a chance to see a lot of touchpoints from clients and others...thousands to be exact. Add to this the more than 500 speeches I have given and the numbers really get big. I don't give you these stats to impress you but because even today, I am still asked the same question, “So who is doing this in my industry and what are their results from becoming a “Customer Centric/Word-of-Mouth” driven organization?” You really want to ask me this question...again? [read more]
Jack Welch got it Right…even for Customers
There is a famous quote I always loved from Jack Welch, famous CEO from General Electric. He said, “If the rate of change on the outside exceeds the rate of change on the inside, then the end is near.” Today the rate of change is eclipsing most organizations and they can’t keep up. Competition is coming in from everywhere around the world and there aren’t any solid plans on how to deal with it. Competition is coming from places we never expected…primarily because someone else sees the inefficiencies in this particular industry. Product/Service competition is accelerating [read more]