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Will your Employees “Christmas Cheer” continue throughout the New Year?
Here’s the deal…everyone is happy and trying to be cheery, super friendly, and helpful during the “holiday season”. This is awesome…but will it continue? When we wrote our book, “Creating and Delivering Totally Awesome Customer Experiences,” we found a very interesting fact from our research…customers hate the unpredictable and inconsistent. We coined the phrase, “Random Acts of Excellence and Chaos” to describe this phenomenon. What it essentially means is that customers like consistency more than they like “occasional exceptional.” They don’t want to wonder what experience they will be getting every time they interact with [more]
Are you at risk of being “Uberized”?
If you're like many Business Owners and Leaders you probably feel pretty good about the position you hold in your did the taxi cab companies and drivers before Uber became a reality. Now they are scrambling and trying to find a way to survive…even to the point of trying to get political help in different cities to stay afloat. Disruption and Commoditization have impacted virtually every industry today. There probably isn’t a single industry that hasn’t been impacted by a disruptive organization entering their market and stealing some of their market share. Uber is an [more]
What it takes to be a Customer Obsessed Leader…5 Critical Skills
This is a question I get asked quite often when speaking to Business Owners and Leaders. It’s a great question…and the right question. Customer Obsession is successful when it is “top down” in any organization…coming from the top Leader as the way you are going to run the business. It isn’t successful from the “ground up”…where it is driven by some passionate employees wanting to be more about the customer. Without the top person(s) driving this…relentlessly…an organization won’t cross the chasm to becoming Customer Obsessed. They will most likely give up [more]
STOP Delivering “Customer Satisfaction”…Your Customer Wants…no, Demands MORE
Being SATISFIED is about MEDIOCRITY. When someone says they are “satisfied” it means they are content, they have had enough or they got what they needed. It is about achieving a middle state…it isn’t “Dissatisfied” and it isn’t “Ecstatic”…it’s being Satisfied. With all the options available to us in the B2B or B2C marketplace, this is simply hitting the minimum threshold. This is an “old term” from my doesn’t accurately represent the business climate of the 20th Century. Many years ago, it was great to “satisfy your customers”…today it [more]
Quality STILL wins over Quantity
When it comes to Customers, focus on Quality, not Quantity…it still works…better than ever! When I first started my “deep dive” into “Customers” and how to optimize their experience (almost 20 years ago) we didn’t have Social Media. The ability to “spray your audience” with useless tweets, images, or emoticons, and commenting didn’t exist. If you didn’t do a really high quality job with a high quality customer you didn’t get any high quality referrals or recommendations. You weren’t talked about and the customer simply left. Today, we live in the Internet/Digital Revolution [more]
Why Amazon DOMINATES…How YOU can Dominate in your business
When Amazon first came on the scene everyone thought they were all about taking over the book business…wiping out Barnes and Noble and many others. They weren’t…this wasn’t ever the plan of Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon. Once we got over this idea, everyone then thought they were trying to take over all products and offer them as cheaply as possible…being the ultimate commodity provider. They weren’t…this wasn’t their plan either. Now that they are a solid part of our lives, we realize what they are all about…giving you and me, [more]
The old traditional Customer Surveys, for the most part, are dead. No one has the time to answer them and they usually don’t get to the heart of the matter of what is really going on with a business or their customer experience. There might be an easier way to get some awesome information…just ask one key question! I am actually stealing this (or borrowing with attribution) this question from Beth Comstock, the first Chairwoman in GE’s history. I first saw this in an article in Business Insider, “A senior GE executive started asking this one question [more]
Everyday your employees have a choice in how they help your customers solve problems or purchase your products/services. What choice will they make when it comes to handling your customers? What “GUIDE” do they follow when helping your customers? Organizations often rely on “policy manuals” or “procedure manuals” or “customer scripts” or “customer flow charts” to solve issues. What ends up happening more times than not is that they PUNT! NO manual, no matter how much time or energy is put into it, can handle all the situations that come up with customers. Customers are unpredictable…they often times [more]
Customer to Business Leader…“Why can’t you just get it RIGHT?”
Have you ever heard this from your customers? Have your employees ever heard this from your customers? Have you ever said this to a company? The answer to all 3 of these questions is probably YES! How is it we get to a place where are customers are saying this to us? It’s actually simpler than you might think when you strip away all the noise and emotion from the situation in crisis. When something goes wrong and we get this question from our customers (either openly saying it or knowing they are thinking it) we scramble to try and [more]