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We all know traditional media is either dead or rapidly dying, depending on which media you are tracking. This has been in the news for a long time now. So advertisers have switched to the internet and online advertising to try and make it work again. It isn’t. What is working is that people are becoming really good at “skipping ads” from wherever you throw them at them. So how do they get you to watch the ad instead of skip it? One agency thinks they have the answer…THREATENING TO KILL A PUPPY. You heard me right…they [read more]
Brand Confusion = Customer Defection and No Word-of-Mouth
How “Simple” and “Clear” is your Brand and your Brand Message? Here’s a simple test…randomly select 10 or 20 customers and ask them to describe your brand and the message you convey with your brand in one sentence. Compare sentences for similarity. If they are all saying exactly the same thing…you have a clear brand and brand message. If they don’t, you are confusing your customer and confusion leads to defection and no Word-of-Mouth. Before you take on the exercise above, try it internally. Randomly select 20 employees and have them do the same test. How did they do? [read more]
Customer Experiences…Are yours being talked about?
Every business or organization delivers multiple customer experiences to their customers every day. And they are being evaluated by your customers every single day…with every interaction. You have no choice in this…it happens if you have customers. Below is a chart to help you visually understand which experiences get talked about. I will give you a hint…it’s the colored ones! Any experience’s not at the two extremes rarely gets talked about today on social channels. Great has become the new average… Today’s volume of information is so incredible and it comes at us in [read more]
Does your Company have a “Short-term” or Long-term” View of Customers?
If someone asked you how you view your customers, would you say you focus on the short-term or the long-term? Be honest with yourself with the answer…we aren’t sharing it with your customers. This is a tough question because we know intuitively what the answer should be…BOTH. But in reality it rarely is…and it’s not hard to tell which one you are focused on in your organization. For example, if you are a B2C company and you are constantly making offers to attract new customers with special deals…but don’t offer the same [read more]
The BEST of the WORST isn’t the BEST
I was in a meeting just the other day where the business owner was talking about their “leading position” in their respective industry. Impressive, right? Not so fast… His industry is what most would consider a “Laggard” stage industry…basically slow to adopt new changes in about everything, not just technology. When everyone else has gotten on board and proved this new way of doing things works, the laggards jump into the game. There are lots of laggard industries. It doesn’t mean they are bad…just means they are slow to adopt new ways of thinking and change. He [read more]
Big Data, Market Research, Customer Analytics, and a host of other terms are flooding our mailboxes and airwaves. This is the era of more data…more research…more analysis to show us who are customers are and how we should be marketing to them. While all this data is supposed to answer all our questions, there is one big question that is the real “elephant in the room”…do you really care about them? I can give you 100 Business Owners and CEOs in a room and ask them if they “CARE” about their customers…and there will be a resounding [read more]
Why Companies don’t talk about their Customer Experiences…think DIETING
One way to get unanimous agreement is by asking, “Who likes to DIET?” Everyone hates DIETING. They hate all aspects of the word and what it stands for…pain and suffering. The only reason people go on one is for the “DREAM OF SUCCESS.” It is in fact a “dream” because the failure rate is off the charts…more people fail on a diet than succeed. And the stats show the average person will go on at least 11 in their lifetime! No wonder diet companies make so much money…repeat customers…and that’s not a good thing. This isn’ [read more]
I’m sure the most people reading this blog post are sales people, sales managers, or customers who hate sales people. But it isn’t just a catchy title…it’s what’s happening today. And just in case you are wondering if I have any credibility in this area, I have spent over 20 years in the world of sales. Here’s the issue…credibility. In a world that has been accelerated well beyond what it was just a decade ago because of social media, everyone wants to speed up whatever they are doing…including sales. The process is streamlined, [read more]
Even can’t beat Google…but WOM can
If you are into sports at all, you probably heard the breaking news that LeBron James is returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers. If you don’t, now you know. But that isn’t the real story…it’s about SEO, WOM, and Google. As the story goes, scooped everyone else and got an exclusive essay from LeBron titled, “I’m Coming Home.” It’s a great piece from a great athlete. But that’s not the story here…I don’t do sports blogging. I talk about how you get found and how you become successful using social [read more]
Are your employees empowered to deliver WOW!
Do you have policies and rules in place that either empower or restrain your employees from delivering a WOW customer experience? I’m sure you do…most organizations have these rules…some might be softer and call them “guidelines” but they are viewed as rules. Regardless, the question is how do they impact your customers? Customer Centric companies do whatever they can to “empower” or “enable” their employees to deliver a WOW customer experience…on the spot! Some, like Zappos, go so far as to give their employees complete control over the customer experience and are empowered to fix any [read more]