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5 Steps to Leap ahead of your Competitors…Focus on RETENTION with ACTION
There probably isn’t a business owner or top executive on the planet who hasn’t heard (and believes) it is always easier to “keep a customer” that to “acquire a new one.” Since this is such common knowledge, why is it most companies (almost 80% according to Forbes research) don’t focus on RETENTION? I find it to be one of the biggest areas that gets the traditional “lip service” when it comes right down to it…lots of people “saying” they care about their customers and want to do everything they can to retain them but very few “doing” [more]
Don’t SAY what you Can’t “Consistently” DELIVER…
It’s so easy to say something through an advertisement, or a campaign, or an e-mail, or social media, or any other form of communication today…easier than any time in our history. The problem is “backing up” and acting in a way that demonstrates what you are saying in this communication. You see, the problem is that when you say something, the other idiots like me out here actually think you are “promising” to deliver it…how naïve we are. Here’s a simple exercise you can quickly do to give you more insight into whether or not [more]
The NEW “Puppeteer” in Today’s Economy…
If you have even one competitor your customer has a choice. And whenever a customer has a choice you have to find a way to be different. If the customer doesn't perceive you as different, they will choose based on commodity elements such as price, delivery, terms, etc. Creating this differentiation in the mind of your customers is what separates you from the other commodities in your industry. So how can you create this level of differentiation in the New Economy? Most companies still believe they can differentiate themselves based on their products and services. Constantly battling each other to [more]
Not so Fast…The Cart doesn’t go in front of the Horse
When organizations decide to improve their customer experience, they are usually losing more customers, feeling the threat of competition (usually because they are in a commodity position), wanting to expand their customer base, move into new markets, or possibly some other reason. Unfortunately, their first instinct is to throw some TACTICS at the solution…trying to apply some short term fixes to solve some longer term issues. Most usually say, “What are we going to do to improve our customer experience starting tomorrow?” CAUTION: THIS DOESN'T WORK…at least not for very long!! There are many consultants in the market [more]
Everyone talks about "walking in your customers’ shoes” to see what the experience is we deliver to our customers. This is always a good idea...but there are other ways to see whether your experience measures up. The key with delivering a remarkable and memorable customer experience is to make it consistent and repeatable by ALL your employees EVERYDAY! Most companies, unfortunately, deliver "random acts of excellence and chaos" throughout the organization. This causes confusion and uncertainty in the eyes of your customer which leads to defection...the customer leaving and choosing to go somewhere else. So how do you [more]
Want to Build more TRUST…Build a better JOURNEY
Being well entrenched in the Digital/Internet Revolution we are in today, one thing has become more important and paramount than ever before in history…TRUST. The other name for this period of time we are in is “The Customer Revolution”…and for the same reasons. If your customers don’t trust you, you are at high risk of extinction in the not too distant future. TRUST has become the ultimate prize for businesses today. If your customer’s trust you, they are choosing to work with you over anyone else in your industry…even if they have to pay [more]
Do Your Customers Scream TRUST or DISTRUST?
Trust is possibly the most powerful word an organization can have today. Either you have it with your customers (and employees) or you don’t. It isn’t something that works on a “meter” where you have 60% trust and 40% distrust. And once you have it, you can make it stronger and deeper once you have established it with your customers. But organizations that aren’t trusted also communicate this very clearly to their customers…and customers respond to it in many different ways. When a customer has their first interaction with your business (doesn’t have to be a purchase) [more]
“FREE” is the Ultimate Brand Erosion Strategy…5 Reasons and an Opportunity
When someone offers something for FREE, there are lots of things that happen…most of which end up destroying your brand. But for those that take a different approach, there is tremendous opportunity to capture a much bigger market and solidify your BRAND. To start, it’s important to understand the difference between building “Brand Awareness” and “Solidifying your Brand” when it comes to establishing a Brand Strategy. Often times I see these two becoming comingled which can end up leading to “Brand Erosion” for a business. Seeing this doesn’t happen is one of the key responsibilities of a [more]
We all know who the CEO of the company is…the Chief Executive Officer…the one in charge of everything…the Big Kahuna…the “Boss”…the Big Cheese. It’s the top person in any organization and where the “buck ultimately stops” in anything that goes on in the company. But their role is also going to be changing and becoming something many have not had to be in the past…the CHIEF “EXPERIENCE” OFFICER of the company. Why the change in their role? With all the emphasis and demand being put on companies today to differentiate, create a unique [more]