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If you “pay for WOM”, is it really WOM?
The question has come up more than once, "What if we put in a rewards program for referrals or word-of-mouth to our audience, does it still carry the power of WOM?" Great question and deserves some exploration... Social media has completely changed the game in so many ways, but no more than in the world of "Word-of-Mouth."  It has both "leveraged" and "amplified" it so that now instead of just sharing something one-on-one or in a small group, you can literally share it with thousands in minutes.  The game has changed...which means there are those out there dying to [read more]
Word-of-Mouth has been around since the beginning of time - no one will every refute that fact.  While it is the most powerful form of communications - because it carries with it things like "trust" and "integrity" and "recommendations" and "confirmation" and "credibility" and a host of other such terms - it has always been kind of a "one-on-one" activity. You hear something and you tell someone else.  Even if we extended it a bit, it is "one-to-few" at best since maybe you were telling people in a group at a party or event or maybe even e-mailed a few [read more]
If you want true success with Social Media, start with “WHY”
I don't know if you are in the same boat as I am, but I get bombarded by tons of people and companies anxious to tell me "HOW" to do social media and "WHAT" I need to have to be successful and "WHERE" I should go to get these super special services and results - but no one is asking the most important question out there when it comes to Social Media Business Strategy - "WHY"… The only conclusion I can come to is that they are afraid of it because it is a deep and serious question and might [read more]
Make the “i” in “ROi” first, then analyze the “R”
In the 100+ speeches I give every year, this one question is definitely in the "Top 5" list of those I get asked, "What's the ROI of Social Media?" Good question, much more difficult answer depending on the company, their strategy, goals, and expected outcomes. In all my previous training working in a "Big 5" firm for many years, IBM, and my MBA, one thing was very clear to me.  When calculating and ROI, you first have to have an "I" to worry about the "R" or it's a wasted discussion.  Meaning...if you haven't invested anything into the area you [read more]
Happy Mothers Day…Spread the “word”…
HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to every mother out there - what a beautiful day we have been blessed with to honor our mothers, wives, grandmothers, mother-in-laws, and any other mother you know that deserves to be honored today! My message is simple today... For one day of the year (at least) stop telling everyone how wonderful you are, where you're eating muffins, who you're eating muffins with (unless it's your mother), or anything else about YOU!  Today, use ALL your social media connections, followers, friends, etc. to tell them how GREAT your mother is or how GREAT someone else's mother is [read more]
What scares Google to death?
While I can't profess to know the internal workings or conversations inside Google, I can tell you something that I know they are afraid of and it isn't rocket science and it isn't Bing either.  Can you guess what this might be?  I can tell you they are afraid of the same thing everyone else in business is afraid o - not being used or not being relevant. Google's dream is to have everyone use them to find people, places, and things.  If you don't know, "Google it" and you can find about anything and everything.  And they have to [read more]
USA Today suggests a choice…”Easy” or a “Relationship”
I lost count of how many people either sent me or handed me a recent article in USA Today titled, "More companies quit blogging, go with Facebook instead." There's no mystery to why...they all know I am a HUGE fan of blogging and believe a blog represents the core of "engagement" in Social Media.  So why are companies aborting blogging and moving to facebook, or twitter - did we miss the mark?  Is blogging dead or dying?  Is your blog a thing of the  past because facebook is here to save the day?  Rest assured, none of these are [read more]
Radio was a good teacher for using Social Media today…
Let's go back in time (at least a few years ago) when the Radio was ruling the airwaves and if you were a business you were trying to get on the best shows to promote your business.  If some of you are still thinking and acting this way, I apologize for fast forwarding you into the future of today…but we can always learn from history. Radios have "channels" that you "tune into" and if you like what you hear you go back there frequently and then tell your friends and colleagues about it since you just had a great [read more]
What “One thing” annoys me about social media?
I had the privilege of speaking to a great group of marketing leaders from the Sr. Marketing & Operations Roundtable (MM&O) of SMPS in Seattle this week at the offices of KPFF Engineering.  Generally my audiences are their bosses - the CEOs and Business Owners of companies and organizations.  But today, I got to speak to them. I have to admit, I wasn't sure how well my message would go over based on some of my past experience with marketing leaders - especially those who choose not to accept social media as a legitimate marketing approach.  This group [read more]
OK - after giving over 500 speeches and consulting with numerous clients in the area of Social Media and Word-of-Mouth, I surrender, you win!  Social Media IS the biggest time suck and waste of time ever created and as a business you should wait it out and wait for it to go away.  I got caught up in all the hype like millions of others and after seeing how it has negatively impacted most businesses, my advice is simple - DON'T DO IT!! It is all "smoke and mirrors" - just like the sets in Hollywood.  There's no real substance [read more]