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We’re reaching a “Tipping Point” as Leaders…5 Ways to Prepare and Thrive
Today we have hundreds and thousands of choices available to us, the customer, to purchase virtually any product or service…but is it adding more value? I believe we are reaching a “tipping point” of too many choices not adding to an increase in value for the customer. More choices of the same or similar products/services aren’t increasing the value of these products or services. The number one factor of why we are nearing the tipping point is TIME. There is a delicate balance between having more choices/options and having less time. For example, if having twice [more]
We have all seen it…Commoditization…it’s an integral part of our daily lives today…both good and bad. No industry or business is immune any longer…regardless of whether you provide a product, service, or even run a non-profit organization.  Somewhere, sometime, someone has come in and offered something better at a better price and taken away some customers and/or profitability…it’s our world. The core concept behind a “commodity” is when something is viewed as equal value to the buyer so they choose to purchase based on some other factor, usually price or availability. Commodity [more]
Can Panera deliver the knockout blow…or will they miss it?
Panera has done some amazing things over the past couple of years...but are they enough to deliver a knockout blow to their competition? Only Panera knows for sure but I am hopeful they are going to deliver a big knockout punch instead of miss a huge opportunity. Based on an article in the Wall Street Journal, “What Panera Had to Change to Make Its Menu ‘Clean’” the CEO, Ron Shaich, describes how they have completely changed most of their food ingredients to be much healthier and without chemicals...kudos to him and Panera. This is a great start and [more]
One Simple way to improve your Customer Experience by 100% immediately!
SHUT UP!! I know…it sounds harsh but it makes the point. The key is to stop talking. It has become a "knee-jerk" reaction today to come up with excuses or reasons why you couldn't deliver an awesome customer experience. Employees are well armed today to do battle with any customer over why something didn't work the way they wanted. It's become the norm, not the exception to refute, excuse away, or simply deny the situation. Go back in time...maybe 100 years and you would see the exact opposite of what we see today. The corner General Store would never [more]
There have been a lot of articles talking about the big challenges McDonald's faces and how they are trying to find their way back to dominance in the fast food industry. Much of the discussion has been around their new ad agency and how they have been getting a lot wrong lately. We could dissect this situation and pick it apart for many months to come and at the end we would be left with a pile of bones and no real answers. You see, from my perspective, it is actually quite simple. One key issue is that they are [more]
Will your Employees “Christmas Cheer” continue throughout the New Year?
Here’s the deal…everyone is happy and trying to be cheery, super friendly, and helpful during the “holiday season”. This is awesome…but will it continue? When we wrote our book, “Creating and Delivering Totally Awesome Customer Experiences,” we found a very interesting fact from our research…customers hate the unpredictable and inconsistent. We coined the phrase, “Random Acts of Excellence and Chaos” to describe this phenomenon. What it essentially means is that customers like consistency more than they like “occasional exceptional.” They don’t want to wonder what experience they will be getting every time they interact with [more]
Are you at risk of being “Uberized”?
If you're like many Business Owners and Leaders you probably feel pretty good about the position you hold in your did the taxi cab companies and drivers before Uber became a reality. Now they are scrambling and trying to find a way to survive…even to the point of trying to get political help in different cities to stay afloat. Disruption and Commoditization have impacted virtually every industry today. There probably isn’t a single industry that hasn’t been impacted by a disruptive organization entering their market and stealing some of their market share. Uber is an [more]
What it takes to be a Customer Obsessed Leader…5 Critical Skills
This is a question I get asked quite often when speaking to Business Owners and Leaders. It’s a great question…and the right question. Customer Obsession is successful when it is “top down” in any organization…coming from the top Leader as the way you are going to run the business. It isn’t successful from the “ground up”…where it is driven by some passionate employees wanting to be more about the customer. Without the top person(s) driving this…relentlessly…an organization won’t cross the chasm to becoming Customer Obsessed. They will most likely give up [more]
STOP Delivering “Customer Satisfaction”…Your Customer Wants…no, Demands MORE
Being SATISFIED is about MEDIOCRITY. When someone says they are “satisfied” it means they are content, they have had enough or they got what they needed. It is about achieving a middle state…it isn’t “Dissatisfied” and it isn’t “Ecstatic”…it’s being Satisfied. With all the options available to us in the B2B or B2C marketplace, this is simply hitting the minimum threshold. This is an “old term” from my doesn’t accurately represent the business climate of the 20th Century. Many years ago, it was great to “satisfy your customers”…today it [more]