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Jack Welch got it Right…even for Customers
There is a famous quote I always loved from Jack Welch, famous CEO from General Electric. He said, “If the rate of change on the outside exceeds the rate of change on the inside, then the end is near.” Today the rate of change is eclipsing most organizations and they can’t keep up. Competition is coming in from everywhere around the world and there aren’t any solid plans on how to deal with it. Competition is coming from places we never expected…primarily because someone else sees the inefficiencies in this particular industry. Product/Service competition is accelerating [read more]
Thinking “Long-Tail” is even more critical in “Quick Results” World
We all want it FAST…in fact, we all want it yesterday. The internet has given us this ability. We can now find whatever we want FAST. We get product/service information FAST… We get news and updates FAST… We get stocks, sports, entertainment information FAST… We can order from take-out and get it FAST… We live in a world that thrives on getting things to you FAST. But does FAST have a “long-tail” that will help you grow your business beyond the “flash” of excitement? This is where companies fall short. FAST = SHORT-TAIL (translation…while we can give and [read more]
Do you think you control our product/service with your customers? Think again… Today your competitors can snatch away your top position in an instant with a better mouse trap, better pricing, or even better distribution. Or maybe they offer two services for the price of one…where does that leave you. It’s tough to be in control of the “commodity game” today. Do you think you control the experience your customers receive? ABSOLUTELY… This is the one area where you are in charge and in complete control. If you focus on your customers and deliver an incredible, WOW, [read more]
What gets “Experienced” gets Shared…and Talked About
Your product works as described. WOW…was that unexpected? Probably not or the person wouldn’t have bought it. Today, there is such a plethora of products available and easy to find that if yours doesn’t deliver exactly as described and promised…your customer leaves. Products that deliver as promised is the “norm” and is “expected” today. This isn’t remarkable any longer. Believe it or not it was not that long ago this was the case…but now there is worldwide competition and it is great competition. No one talks about the products that deliver what they are [read more]
Do you REALLY need more Customer Research?
I heard again today…another company trying to find some way to differentiate themselves and decided to go get more “customer research” before they do anything. We have enough research…what we need is action! Action that will get them working on creating a customer experience for the customers they already have and know about. Don’t get me wrong, I love research and statistics…especially when it is used to get more and deeper information about your communities of customers. It is also great when used to predict trends or areas of interest from our customer. But this wasn’ [read more]
Focus on “The Corners of the Circle”…not in Committees
Committee is another name for “neutering.” If you want to take some great ideas from your best people and turn them into “mediocrity,” form a committee. Committees are designed to “reach consensus” or “agreement” as to what you want to do next. But when people come into the committee meeting they have far reaching ideas, ideas that are “out of the box” and creative and innovative. Then they meet the other committee members…those that didn’t take the time to get creative and innovative. When these two worlds collide, mediocrity happens. I call this “neutering” because when you take [read more]
When we TALK…nobody LISTENS
We have become a society of “ME’s”…it’s all about ME. What can you do for ME? How is this going to help ME? What are the benefits to ME? And the list goes on… We can’t change that…at least not in the near future. But companies and the people that make them up still think they can. This includes Sales, Marketing, HR, Leadership teams…just about everyone in the company. The belief is still…”IF WE CAN TELL THE CUSTOMER MORE AND MORE AND MORE ABOUT US THEY WILL WANT TO BUY FROM US.” The [read more]
David vs. Goliath is really a Word-of-Mouth Story
Being a Christian I get the David and Goliath story…you probably get the story even if you aren’t Christian. But there are similarities in this story for every organization. As a leader, here are a few things to consider when thinking of what actually happened. To start with, David was the underdog without question. He was out sized and out armed by Goliath, the giant of a person with armor and weapons. David had a sling (different than a typical sling shot we know today, but a serious weapon in those times). By all accounts, no match for [read more]
Cheapest” is the Easy Way Out
Customers are complaining about our service…LOWER THE PRICE Customers are demanding more service…LOWER THE PRICE We didn’t keep our promises…LOWER THE PRICE We mislead the customers with our product and service…LOWER THE PRICE Getting to the lowest price isn’t always what the customer wants, even in a commoditized world. If it did, every company would live and die by the algorithms they set up for their pricing and delivery of products and the one with the lowest price would win that day. Ever buy corn on the futures exchange? Not much difference. The hard [read more]
The New “P” in Marketing…and Business
A long time ago, the 1960’s to be exact, a marketer by the name of E. Jerome McCarthy came up with what was a revolutionary way to describe “Marketing” called the “4-Ps Classification. The four P’s stood for Product, Price, Promotion, and Place. It was revolutionary thinking at the time and was a cornerstone of marketing for many decades. But this was in a time (not now) when marketing was “all about the company” and was focused on how much “promotion” could thy produce and shove at us, the customer. It was basically a one-way street and it focused [read more]