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Word-of-Mouth is about “Passion” not Facts
Have you ever had someone come up to you that is so excited about something and start to spew a bunch of facts about what it is they like? “Hey, I just got back from the football game and let me tell you, the stadium was well marked, I could find the beer card easily, the ticket worked well and got me in, the seat was about the right size to be comfortable, and the game didn’t go over 3 hours. I can’t wait to go again…” Don’t think this happens unless it is someone who has no [read more]
How “Leadership” and “Management” translate in Social Media
LEADERSHIP is about “leading people” because they choose to follow you…emotionally. You are the one they believe has the vision they want to see happen. Leaders don’t demand anything…people follow because of the leaders’ passion, commitment to their cause/focus, and their authenticity. MANAGEMENT is about getting things done. These are people who can organize the teams, give guidance/orders, create the project plan for how things will get executed, and deliver results. People don’t follow managers…they work for the managers to help make things happen. Social Media has both…Leaders and Managers. And as [read more]
“Why” McDonald’s added FIRST Customer Officer…5 Things to Learn
Believe it or not, McDonald’s has just added its FIRST “Customer Officer.” Whether you feel like this should have been done a long time ago or applaud them for realizing the customer is important enough to have an executive position, there are some key messages and learning’s we can get from this move. I always start by asking “Why” to just about everything…it really helps get me to the core reasoning behind something. So I asked myself, “Why did McDonald’s choose to add a customer officer and why now?” Their head of marketing, Deborah Wahl, (who [read more]
The Changing Face of News…and Life
News hasn’t changed…it is still important and it is still the drug of choice for everyone. Who doesn’t want to know the latest happenings in their community, city, state, country, and even the world? The only difference is “how” you get your news, not that it isn’t important or desired. With the advent of the internet and social media, two things changed. Speed. Source. Speed…no longer is waiting until 5 O’clock or the next morning satisfactory. By then, it falls into the category of “old news.” And no one gets excited about old news because [read more]
Here’s a simple way to analyze the customer base in your own company and identify how likely it is they will "spread the word" you with others. Do an honest assessment and see where your customers would fit into each of the profiles. I have also included some "Repair" tips and some "Goals" for you to shoot for in each category. Where do YOUR customers fit? VERY UNHAPPY CUSTOMERS – this is easy…but dangerous…they will never give you a recommendation or offer up a referral to anyone but are more than happy to go out of their way [read more]
SEO is MEANINGLESS…unless you are doing this
Does it matter how many visitors you get on your website, or pages viewed, or ranking on Google, or a host of other measurements if you aren’t talking to an audience that wants what you offer? There are lots of “tricks” today to get a person on your pages…that isn’t rocket science any longer. There are plenty of “tricksters” available to show you how to make this happen. But does it really matter if they really don’t care about you, what you offer, or the experience you can deliver…it just isn’t relevant. Why not [read more]
NFL GameDay Experience…A Missed Opportunity
As you know, I am “over the top” passionate about delivering totally awesome and memorable customer experiences…because this is what people talk about…in fact it’s what creates “word-of-mouth on steroids.” I had the opportunity to attend the biggest event to kick off the football season, the “NFL GameDay Experience” before the Seahawks first regular season game. They bring this experience to the city that wins the Super Bowl at the beginning of the season so they brought to our fair city. There were tons of booths from every imaginable sponsor of football including such names as Marriott, [read more]
Forget “Customized” for the Customer…Just Take Anyone’s Money
This just caught my attention and was so blatantly against where we are today I just had to write about it. The article was in Fox Business-Small Business section, “Never Turn Down a Paying Customer.” Just because it comes from a major name in news reporting doesn't make it the right thing to do...just someone's perspective. But beyond the title, the real comment that got me was… “The latest feel-good advice making the rounds is that you should be highly selective about the business you are willing to do and the clients you want to engage with. After all, [read more]
Do you “Extend” or “Kill” the Emotional Feeling in your Customers?
Customer Experiences are emotional. They draw you in and create a feeling inside you…good or bad. Regardless of which it is, something changes inside you when you have an experience with a company. As a company, do you “leverage” and “extend” this feeling or “kill” it when you deliver your customer experience? The buying process, whether B2C or B2B, starts with a need and some degree of emotion. The need, whether it might be out of necessity or a dream of owning something, congers up an emotion inside everyone. It’s easy to see this when you [read more]
Let’s Play the “Customer” Newlywed Game…
Everyone knows the Newlywed game. It’s where two newly married couples compare their answers to the same questions to see how well they know each other. What if you played this game with your customers…how well would you do? How well do you think you know what your customer would say about the interactions…customer experience…they have with your company? What if we put all your employees through the game? How well do you think your employees know your customers? How much of the time do you think you would be in agreement with such things as… [read more]