Learn More…Why Should You Care?

So you’re not quite ready to Reserve Your Spot for the seminar on June 25th and want more details about the session…we get that. Let us share with you some highlights of what the session will focus on and what are some of the Deliverables you can expect to take away from the session. This should help you to make a “go – no go” decision so we don’t waste your valuable time. Here are some details for you…

The Benefits…What Value you Will Get

  • What exactly does it mean to be “Customer Centric” and why is it changing the world
    • We talk about specific examples of how companies are leading in their industries…B2C and B2B…because they have become obsessed about their customers
    • Why should you switch from “Product/service Centric” to “Customer Centric”
    • Why it will become a “need to have” instead of a “nice to have” in the “New Economy”
  • Why companies with awesome Customer Experiences dominate today
    • Examples of companies that rock in the area of customer experiences and how it has increased their value, revenues, growth, and market share
    • How it is becoming (actually already is) the “ultimate differentiator” for companies
    • How you can make this happen in your own company
  • How to Lead a Customer Centric/Obsessed company
    • It isn’t the same…not even close to a product/services centric leadership model
    • Customer Centricity and Customer Experiences is a “Culture Shift”…which is why it is so hard for your competitors to copy what you are doing in this area and you create a huge gap between you and them
  • How to lower your “cost of sales” and get your customers to do your marketing for you
    • We know…sounds too good to be true…but it is a reality for Customer Centric companies
    • Learn what it’s all about to take the oldest (and most desired) form of selling…Word-of-Mouth…and put it on steroids

Interested yet? If this doesn’t interest you or these benefits don’t get you excited about attending, we’ll save you $57 and 3 hours of your time…it isn’t worth it to you.

But if this struck a chord and actually got you excited and thinking about your company, the Reserve Your Spot…this session is for YOU! We hope to see you in a few weeks. If you have any questions, please shoot us an e-mail and we’ll be happy to answer them.