Creating and Delivering Totally Awesome Customer Experiences

Customers are the core of any business – they are our economic engine. The biggest “mind shift” we are experiencing with the mass adoption of the internet and social media is the “customer is in control”.  There are far more choices and someone is always coming along to offer a “better deal” at a “better price” with “better terms”.  WE ARE ALL BEING COMMODITIZED!

How do you compete in a world where most organizations are viewed as a commodity…how do you DIFFERENTIATE? There is a ton of research out there saying the same, thing, such as Gartner in a recent post, “Gartner Surveys Confirm Customer Experience Is the New Battlefield.

You differentiate by building INCREDIBLY AWESOME EXPERIENCES THAT ARE MEMORABLE AND REMARKABLE. This leads to “trusted relationships” with your customers so they become LOYAL ADVOCATES. Advocates (can be customers or non-customers) are those who “proactively” tell others about you…they are the lifeblood of successful companies today.

Our book, Creating and Delivering Totally Awesome Customer Experiences, focuses on helping organizations create the right “customer experiences” that lead to Loyalty and Advocacy.  Regardless of whether you use social media or traditional media, you need to start with a foundation that allows you to deliver CONSISTENT, REPEATABLE, and SCALABLE customer experiences.

This book is an excellent in-depth implementation guide for building amazing Customer Experiences. It gives you everything from the Strategy and Concepts to the methodology needed to create these incredibly awesome experiences. It is both the “Art and Science” of turning your organization into the market leader that is differentiated from your competition in the one area that can’t be commoditized…because it’s personal.

We never stop improving or creating new and better ways to deliver the very best customer experience. We have taken the concepts in the book to new levels and built on the concepts presented. We have a Simple and Powerful approach that allows these concepts to be implemented even easier than before. We recommend if you’re truly interested in improving Customer Experiences and building Customer Advocacy, you most definitely will want to learn about how our concepts have evolved since the book was written. Our book will help you build the solid foundation around your customer so when you interact with the world through social media, your advocates will rise up and spread the word – WORD-OF-MOUTH ON STEROIDS!

We hope you decide to purchase a copy for yourself and learn how the step-by-step process of Customer Experience Mapping™ can help you build awesome customer experiences in your own organization. If you would like a copy of our book, simply click the Buy Now button below or you can buy it on Amazon Books…whichever is easier for you. If you want an autographed copy, you will need to purchase it directly from us and include the inscription you would like in your book.