Beating the Competition – 5 Steps to Success

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Let’s face it, more and more people are worried about the current economic conditions and how they will be impacted.  Comments such as, “Our inquiries have really dropped off,” “People are sure taking a long time to make buying decisions,” “Our customers are demanding more from us or leaving,” “Pricing pressures are becoming the norm,” “Far more “shoppers” than buyers,” “It costs a lot more to find new customers these days,” “Customers are defecting at all time high rates,” along with many other similar and related comments.

Now, more than ever, is your time to Be Disruptive, Build Loyalty and Change the Game so you not only survive, but thrive in the future!  This is NOT the time to hunker down and hope the storm blows over quickly – it is here for the foreseeable future. What are you going to do to Take Advantage of it and come out stronger when the growth cycle kicks in again?  What are you going to change from what you are doing today to give you different results?  Most look for ways to cut the fat out of the organization and improve processes to squeeze every dime out of operations – certainly something to consider. However, while this cost-cutting effort is going on, what are you doing to focus on the group that actually pays you money – the CUSTOMER?  How are you capturing more revenue so you can increase profitability and dominate your competition?

We recently conducted our own informal research to find out what companies are doing to attack this situation and move themselves to the head of the pack – or why they weren’t.  We began by asking a number of business owners and executives in a variety of organizations to give us their thoughts on these same questions.  We hoped to learn some new ideas in addition to validating or modifying our own hypothesis about what we were seeing.  The comments and discussions were very interesting and confirmed one thing – we were “dead on target” with our hypothesis.  However, one question kept coming up in almost every conversation we had, “How can we beat our competitors and win more share of wallet from our customers?” Read more…download the document.