We Live in a NEW ECONOMY

Earth Sunrise

The World has changed…we have changed…our businesses need to change.

The biggest REVOLUTION in history is upon us right now…the Tsunami has hit the shore. We are no longer in the “Industrial Revolution”…we are in the “Internet Revolution”. I like to think of it as the “Customer Revolution” because our customers are now the ones in control, not business. In the Industrial Revolution, business told us what we should be buying by what they made and the selection they offered. It was new and innovative at the time and if they offered it we wanted it. That paradigm has changed…

Today, the Customer tells businesses what they want and they need to figure out how to get it or make it for them. And if they don’t, they find someone who will and give their business to them. The Customer has choices…lots of choices…and they are using the internet and new communication channels (social media) to talk about it, express their opinions, and share their thoughts with others. Only today, they don’t just do it one-on-one in a small group, they blast it through all their channels to all their friends, followers, and connections. The Internet Revolution has created the ability to deliver “Word-of-Mouth…on Steroids.”

The question is, “How is your business or organization taking advantage of this Revolution or is the Revolution taking advantage of you?” We believe every business should be taking advantage of this powerful new Revolution. Some industries are well ahead of others but everyone should have a strategy built around the “Customer Economy” if they are going to survive in the future. This is the NEW ECONOMY we live in today…we just happen to know how to navigate in it and help companies succeed.