Executive Action Groups

“GO LIVE with Social Media”

In response to these financially challenging times, we’ve developed an affordable and productive four session program for owners, management and leaders.  This is designed so you can learn about and effectively execute Social Media in your own business (without embarrassing yourself or running the risk of trashing your brand).

Our Executive ACTION Group is effectively a group consulting program where you can learn the “safest, easiest and most powerful ways” to implement Social Media in your company.  Anyone participating in these highly focused and actionable consulting sessions will be quickly equipped to compare their expensive, traditional marketing with the “faster, cheaper and deeper” marketing communications offered through Social Media.

For the owner or executive of a small business, we realize that our one-on-one consulting may be out of reach for your budget.  Recognizing these budget constraints, we’ve created this extremely affordable, yet effective, Executive ACTION Group as a way to train and coach you to mastering the basic art of Social Media communications….giving you the right tools at the right time for your business.

Working with other executives, this affordable group program will step you through the production of Social Media messaging that will produce measurable results for your business. If you do nothing else, join one of these groups today so you can be coached by experts while benefitting from experiences of fellow business owners.  This is hands-on consulting for you to learn, execute, and measure your results.  It will help you save time, lower your costs and build a stronger brand and market for your business.  Some of the benefits to members include:

  • Developing a strategy, then creating an execution plan
  • Avoid the five most significant mistakes when launching a blog
  • Receive hands-on experience with the latest tools in Social Media
  • Learn which Social Media tools you can’t afford to ignore
  • Identify which Social Media tools are a waste of time
  • Learn how to measure the results
  • Avoid Social Media nightmares and embarrassment for your business
  • Understand how your peers are using Social Media tools and share the feedback to provide practical experiences that benefit the entire group

Executive ACTION Groups meet for 3 ½ hours per session. The location of these sessions may vary depending on member preferences. In most cases, one member may host these four sessions in return for a discount on their member fee.  Since members are encouraged to bring their laptops to these sessions, the hosting facility will need to offer WiFi to the group members.

The primary goal of the Executive Action Group is to get you “live” and productive with Social Media; therefore we do not offer the option of attending a single session. Our experience shows that the best business results will come from attending all four Executive ACTION sessions.

We enjoy the extra level of intensity that comes with one-to-one consulting, but also understand the constraints this puts on most budgets in this soft economy. Save yourself some money and receive much of the valuable coaching by joining us and your peers for this intensive “GO LIVE with Social Media” learning experience.  This provides you solid coaching in a group setting to launch you on your way to discovering and using the power of the biggest “revolution” in business communications in our life time.

Session 1 Build a Strategy for Persona-based Communications™ 

First steps on building a blog

Blogging strategies and tips

Session 2 Building a Content Map™ for your blog 

Rich media tools take you beyond plain text

Commenting – the heart of social media

“Social Media Speak” – Learning how to communicate

Session 3 Evaluate Blogging postings for style and tone 

Launching your blog to the public

First steps for building Twitter account

Using offers on your blog and with Twitter

Session 4 Revise Content Map™ 

Using Twitter to build a following and feed blog

Evaluate launch success for blog – revise as necessary

Using internet metrics to measure results

Optional Sessions Facebook workshop – building, managing and leveraging 

LinkedIn Workshop – building, managing and leveraging

Coaching and Monitoring Review sessions

Cost and Schedule:

$400/session – four session contract to be paid prior to each session or
$1,400 – up-front discounted payment

These 3 ½ hour sessions are offered in both the morning or afternoon:

7:30am – 11:00am – Continental Breakfast included

1:30pm – 5:00pm – Snacks and light refreshments