Business Engagement Strategy

We START with STRATEGY – period.

We have yet to see anyone successfully use Social Media as a productive business tool without first starting with a solid strategy. Simply put, it is the only way we have found to avoid embarrassing yourself and your company.

Social Media is not about the Tools, such as facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or a host of other popular tools. Social Media is an overarching strategy that defines how best to communicate, message and build stronger, more loyal relationships with your customers, employees, prospects and others.

Social Media is simply an “amplifier” of your message that is “faster, deeper and cheaper” than any form of traditional media in the market today. It will totally change your world and your organization, when used properly and with a strategy.

We focus on helping organizations (for profit and not-for-profit) build a “rock solid” Strategy for how to best use the power of this Revolution in their organization to:

  • Increase Sales
  • Build greater market awareness (get their attention)
  • Create stronger “trusted” relationships
  • Create deeper loyalty and more Advocates with customers, employees and others
  • Allow you to become “memorable” to your audience
  • Get more of the “right people” talking about you more to “the right audience” on your behalf

To make this happen, it involves spending a minimum of a HALF-DAY (smaller companies and start-ups) to a couple of days (larger organizations) of dedicated time from the top officers in the organization. That’s it – not a long drawn out process – too the point and on target. Social Media is all about SPEED to market and while we help you get there fast, we make sure you get there with the right strategy so you can avoid the infamous “false starts” that accompany many of the current social media efforts. The organization that wants to “lead” gets there early to build the trust and relationships with their “followers” before their competitors and establishes the “leading edge” reputation so coveted by others.

If you’re ready to get started and be a “leader” in this Revolution, here is how you can contact us for more information. Just be prepared – we move fast.

PHONE: 425/260.6264