“Freshness” wins over “Perfection”

This podcast is about helping you understand why social media is so successful today and why it has taken over as our primary form of communication. It isn’t just that these tools are easy to use and they give us all a platform to talk about ourselves (which isn’t right but we’ll talk about this another time) – it is about FRESHNESS.

The audience today – your customers, employees, partners, etc. – have become addicted to “Freshness” in terms of the conversations and the information.  It is now easy to hear, see, and experience what goes on around us almost as it is happening thanks to these new media tools.  Twitter is a prime example of this – people would rather hear something that is “close” to accurate right now than wait for it to be totally accurate later.

This is also one of the core reasons why traditional media – TV, newspapers, magazines, etc. – is struggling so much and why they are slowly (or quickly, depending on the medium) becoming extinct.  The audience has told us they would rather have it quick and right now, AKA Fresh, than wait for it to be verified and authenticated by a bunch of people waiting in the newsroom.  We have, and are, becoming addicted to fresh and we are also willing to trade a bit of inaccuracy for this freshness drug.

Please listen as I talk about this on a live radio show, Chat with Women, with Pam Gray and Rochelle Alhadeff – great ladies…