Designing and Building BLOGs and Websites

Since we are in the business of helping companies and organizations create very unique Customer Centric Strategies, it has been necessary to also help them design and sometimes build their BLOGs and Websites to reflect these unique differences. To be honest, from our experience, the majority of web designers simply don’t get “Customer Centricity” and have a hard time building customer-focused sites. Rather than spending the time trying to “educate” these individuals/groups, we simply design and help build these sites for our clients.

We use one platform exclusively…WordPress. We use an incredibly customizable theme builder that allows us to create amazing looking sites without writing a single piece of code! This is so you, the client, can easily maintain your own site in regard to content and structure. We think this is important as there are constant updates and changes to the content of today’s sites if they are to be valuable. We don’t believe you should have to pay a “webmaster” to do these additions and updates when you can easily do it yourself. We believe this is being customer-focused on our end to give this benefit to our customers.

And to top it off, our fees for creating these BLOG and Websites is incredibly reasonable and the time frame to launch is amazingly short compared to most development efforts! If you would like to learn more, just ask…we would be happy to share with you what this process looks like.

To give you a few examples of some BLOG and Websites, here are just a few of them that we have recently put together for clients. BTW, these are awesome people if you ever need what they have to offer…