Customer Experience 2.0 – 7 Steps to Sales and Customer Loyalty

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Social Media (Web 2.0) is fast becoming one of the most important and powerful influences in business today.  It is evolving at record speed and gaining broad adoption – it isn’t just for the technology industry any longer.  With its foundation built on sharing information, collaboration, and relationships, it can transform the way organizations attract and retain Customers.

Customer Experience 2.0 is a totally unique approach and new way of thinking.  It is about helping organizations create more sales and better differentiation. It leverages the tools and concepts of Social Media with the needs and wants of your customer – creating a more engaging customer experience.  This marriage leads to increases in sales, market differentiation, improved customer loyalty and retention, and a stronger competitive advantage.   It is a more innovative and personal way for you to engage, understand and support your prospects and customers.

The experience an organization provides its customers is at the heart of the customer relationship.  Research shows if you can keep the promises your customers want and deliver the experience they want, you will be rewarded with greater sales and deeper and more lasting loyalty. With the availability of Social Media tools, organizations can now deliver a much richer and more transparent customer experience than ever before.  This improved experience will be vital to an organizations survival and/or growth in the future.

To illustrate how “top-of-mind” this topic is today, I recently gave a speech on “How to Build Exceptional Customer Loyalty.” 15 minutes into the speech a lady asks the question, “How can we use Social Media to connect better with our customers?”  The focus is shifting – organizations everywhere and in every industry are starting to ask the same question.  We are entering a “white hot” space for businesses – leveraging these innovative tools to deliver exceptional customer experiences – Customer Experience 2.0.