Business Tools??? “Executive View of Social Media”

Looking through our eyes as seasoned business executives, we can report that “Yes, many of these social networks can be very effective business tools”.  And others are so-so.  Readers of this book will reach the last page knowing which are best-suited for business and why.

With all the confusing chatter by “overnight experts” talking about Social Media, we’re thankful that you have found your way to our business-based e-book, “Business Tools??? – After Speaking to 1000+ CEOs, we offer insights to our Fellow Executives”.

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During the past 8 years, Blaine has spoken to over 500 groups and thousands of CEOs and business owners.  From the hundreds of comments and questions we’ve encountered, we saw there is a need for a book explaining where this social media surge is coming from and how it can be used within the business world.

There was a recurring question from all those CEOs, Business Owners, Leaders, and Top Executives.  “You guys know your stuff, when are you going to write a book about it?”  At first our thought was that would be a lot of work and we were already short of time.  But the more CEOs we talked with, the more obvious it became that there was a real need for an executive level book offering practical information.  In fact, we’ve had such positive feedback that this looks to be the first in a series of e-books that we’ll publish in response to this demand and need in the market.

Business Tools??? is about giving you, the executive in charge, several things.  Some of these are:

  • Overview on why businesses are looking at social media for marketing
  • Thumbnail introductions to the most prominent “tools” of social media
  • How social media tools can be successfully used in Businesses – regardless of size or industry
  • The new “mind shift” that accompanies the message crafting for social media marketing
  • A dozen useful insights every business should consider before using social media

If this is of interest to you, then you will probably enjoy our book.

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