Smart Strategizing for WEB3.0 in Healthcare

Karen Meek recently interviewed me for an article she wrote for the March/April 2011 King County Medical Society Bulletin about how the new world of WEB3.0/Social Media was going to impact the healthcare community.  Since the King County Medical Society Bulletin is a private document, she has given me permission to publish the same article on my site for you to read and download.

Below is the introduction to the article.  If you would like to read the entire interview, click here on DOWNLOAD and it will allow you download a PDF version of the interview.  If you have any comments about the article that you would like to share, go to the main page of my blog and on the post, “Smart Strategizing for WEB3.0 in Healthcare”, you can leave your comments.  Here is the introduction…

We’ve all heard about the explosion of the use of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, blogs, wikis— the list is long. There are more than 250 social networking resources on the web. Collectively, social media is known as “Web 3.0” and is widely seen as a significant online evolution. Most all of the region’s hospitals and large multi-specialty clinics are trying to use these tools to promote specialty services or providers’ triumphs. So are many smaller clinics. Yet many health care providers are still in a state of confusion, or a wait-and-see mindset, about participating in the social media stratosphere. Many are unsure of the measurable benefits or how to make it work for them.

The following is a Q&A with Blaine Millet, co-founder of the company WOM10 (“Word of Mouth on Steroids”) who explains how social media and word-of-mouth marketing will have an impact on health care providers, whether they choose to engage in it or not.